AA Caribbean restaurant review: “Food is spicy without being mind blowing”

Last July, before indoor dining returned, I drove to a secret address in Les Libertés to pick up an order for Trinidadian food handed to me through the window of a ground-floor apartment. I miss some of the food adventures I have had during the various lockdowns and restrictions, although at least there is a permanent reminder of this one especially in the indelible stain of turmeric on the front seat of my car.

Anyway, before I had a chance to write about the excellent food – including a coconut marinated pork belly roulade with an amazing crackle that I wish I could replicate – Auntie Anne’s d’Eamon de Freitas (as she was called at the time, before he realized the name had already been taken and passed to AA, which fortuitously sounds like the Trinidadian “ay ay,” an expression of surprise or of excitement) had suspended its operations. De Freitas had returned home to Trinidad to visit his family for the first time in a few years. I gleaned from his social media that he had plans for brick-and-mortar premises and seemed to be taking the opportunity to do some field research.

Michael M. Tomlin