Authentic Caribbean cuisine up north

Toronto is known for being multicultural.

Its neighborhoods, especially the one along popular Gerrard Street, reflect this unique diversity with neighborhoods like Little Indian.

“It’s actually kind of vibrating and jumping at night. There’s a lot to see and experience there. If you keep going west, it’s Little Chinatown, it’s just a little touch and flavor of Little Chinatown itself,” said Cleigh Pottinger, Operations Manager at Real Jerk Caribbean Restaurant.

In the middle of Little Indian and Little China Town is the East Gerrard Street neighborhood. There is a neighborhood stable, the Real Jerk Restaurant.

“We don’t want you to just be Jamaican and walk into our restaurant or feel like you’re Jamaican, we want you to be a local who’s been to Jamaica once and loved it so much and they come into the restaurant and it kind of brings them back,” Pottinger said.

In addition to delicious authentic Caribbean dishes, the restaurant is known for its homemade rum punch. The Real Jerk has been in business for 37 years.

To learn more about its rich history and how the restaurant gained even more popularity after two international musicians filmed a video there, click on the video above.

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Michael M. Tomlin