Authentic Shrimp Mofongo Recipe

To get started, you’ll need to gather the ingredients to make your shrimp mofongo. You will need 5 slices of bacon (regular or thick cut) to start – Žygaitytė tells us “a person can choose [the cut] according to their taste; it won’t make a huge difference. It will be cooked, mashed and mashed into the plantains to add lots of flavor and texture. Next up is arguably the star of the dish: the humble plantain. You will notice plantains go from green to black in the supermarket, but for this recipe green plantains are needed due to their more starchy texture and savory flavor. The large amount of oil needed is for frying, so make sure Be sure not to use your fanciest extra virgin olive oil and stick to something with a high smoke point like vegetable, soy or canola oil. The butter adds flavor and consistency to the plantain puree so everything blends together smoothly. Garlic powder and fresh rosemary are also used to season the plantain puree.

The base of the sauce is made with fried onions, fresh rosemary sprigs, garlic, tomatoes and tomato paste. You will need a blender to puree the vegetables. The lemon juice adds a balance of acidity, while the peppers add texture and a bit of sweetness to the sauce. Finally, in order for this dish to serve as a standalone main meal, small shrimp are included as a protein. Using smaller shrimp keeps extra cooking time to a minimum and means you’ll scoop a few shrimp from each fork.

Michael M. Tomlin