Caribbean cuisine is a popular choice, where do you go to eat in Greater Cleveland?

CLEVELAND, Oh — The Puerto Rican Parade should not leave before August of this year and the National Caribbean Restaurant Week does not arrive until the middle of this month. But why wait to celebrate all the beautiful things the beautiful Caribbean islands have to offer, especially the food?

June is National Caribbean and American Heritage Month in the USA. It was first celebrated in 2006 when President George W. Bush signed the proclamation honoring people like Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, singer Celia Cruz and baseball player Roberto Clemente who marked the history of our country.

Most of Cleveland’s Caribbean immigrants are from Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago. But when it comes to food, they brought with them a melting pot of flavors from around the world.

Caribbean cuisine is rich in flavor – with plenty of heat – tempered by fresh fruits and leafy greens that abound on the 7,000 Islands. Favorite meats are pork, poultry, beef and goat.

You can sample these islands at many restaurants in Greater Cleveland. But which establishments serve the most authentic Caribbean cuisine?’s Best of Cleveland team is on the lookout for the North Shore’s tastiest Caribbean cuisine. Where do you go when you crave delicious Caribbean cuisine?

Help us by sending your nomination for Best Restaurant in the Caribbean by noon Wednesday, June 15 to [email protected] Next, Yadi Rodriguez and Brenda Cain will visit your top restaurants to find out how they bring island taste to Lake Erie.

Whether it’s jerk chicken, goat, mofongo, rice and beans, or sweet plantains, we know there are plenty of options in Greater Cleveland. What’s your favourite? Irie Jamaican cuisine, UJerk Caribbean Restaurant, Cleveland Mofongo Latin Grill, Las Villas Deli and PastriesWhere twisted taino restaurant? Or do you have a place that is not on our radar?

Let us know where you’re headed when you’re craving the Caribbean before noon, Wednesday, June 15.

We can’t wait to see where you can send us.

Michael M. Tomlin