Caribbean food company opens restaurant in Plymouth, plans chain of outlets

A £ 100,000 Caribbean restaurant business should bring a bit of heaven to Plymouth – and maybe the rest of the region, and even the country, too.

Plymouth entrepreneur Richard Dyer is the motivation behind the new Jamaican food and cocktail outlet SoulFood Vendor in Plymouth’s West End town center.

The licensed restaurant will serve jerk chicken, curried goat cheese, handmade steak burgers and vegan / vegetarian options to delight Plymothian palates. And Mr Dyer, who has created 10 jobs at his new restaurant, is already planning to expand the brand.


“I want to open more across the country,” said the 35-year-old. “I would like to open in Cornwall, especially on the beaches, and in Exeter, Bristol and London. Hopefully this will be the first in a long series.

Ederval Ferreira, Jade Lavers and Richard Dyer at the SoulFood Vendor Caribbean restaurant in Plymouth

One of the delicious dishes served at Plymouth’s SoulFood Vendor

One of the Caribbean cocktails served at SoulFood Vendor in Plymouth

“I want to put Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine on the map, a place where everyone can taste heaven. “

Together with his managers Jade Lavers and Ederveral Ferreira, he launched the business as a small restaurant inside the Plymouth Market in February 2020.

A little over a month later and the country was plunged into the fist of three Covid blockades. That meant months of no trade before SoulFood Vendor could start operating as a take out only operation.

It was such a success that Mr. Dyer and his team began working on the next phase of the company’s development – the launch of a full restaurant.

Keeping the unit inside the market, the SoulFood team took an outside unit, connected the two, created a new office and second kitchen, and started the expansion.

“We have been eviscerated in lockdown,” Dyer said. “So we took a risk. We didn’t know when the lockdown would end, but decided we could offer something different, something fresh, when it does. “

Opening the new outlet to the public on Wednesday, June 30, the new restaurant has seating, when social distancing rules are dropped, for 26 indoors and 18 outdoors, with space for 16 diners. at the entrance to the covered market.

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The overall investment was around £ 100,000 and was paid off without recourse to a loan, Mr Dyer using capital from his other business, the successful cleaning of Non Stop Cleaning, which was inundated with work during the year lock. Much of the eye-catching decor is due to the work of Miss Lavers’ father Alan Lavers and artist Jon Lilly.

Mr. Dyer must now start generating cash to justify the expense, and is confident that SoulFood Vendor will be a success, with its bright and appealing decor, and equally appealing menu including cocktails for adults and a special menu for adults. children.

“There aren’t a lot of places offering cocktails in the West End,” My Dyer said. “The idea is to be versatile, something that has never been done before. And it’s not fast food, it’s a restaurant, everything is done here, and fresh.

And there are plans to add other attractions, including fish dishes, cakes and pastries, and even live music events. Taking a step back from the daily management of the restaurant, it will be managed by Miss Levers, with the kitchen under the direction of Mr. Ferreira.

And Miss Lavers said: “I can’t wait for it to open and I want people to have that vibe again. And we are planning a musical event once a month. Something new every now and then.

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