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Chef Balo

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – Celebrities have been singing the praises of Caribbean cuisine for years, from Jamaican jerk chicken to goat cheese and curry roast from Trinidad. Sean “Chef Balo” Lindo wants to remove regional food from the novelty menu.

That’s the primary focus of The Experience, a food truck he plans to use and sharpen the pallets of a diverse clientele in South Florida. He was born after the coronavirus forced him to put aside his plan to open a restaurant.

Chef Balo will make weekly stops in his hometown of Palm Beach, Hollywood / 441 and Miami. According to The Experience’s banner, it is “Bringing The Caribbean Straight to You”.

Chef Balo L'Experience

“What I’m doing is a modern take on Caribbean cuisine. I remix traditional Caribbean dishes, Jamaican dishes in particular. I do either a vegan version or a more modernized version, ”he explained. “I want to put us on the map like Italian and Chinese cuisine.”

Chef Balo’s remixes include a sweet and sour Snapper fish sautéed with a jerk sauce, rather than the usual (or escoveiched) peppers popular among Jamaicans; a jerky burger that contains ackee, plantains or shrimp; or a Trini-style chicken curry.

Chef Balo Jerk Burger with Ackee

Jerk Burger with Ackee

According to Chef Balo, when customers visit The Experience, they should be struck by the element of surprise.

“I want to raise it to a level where people say, ‘Wow! I didn’t know you could do that ‘! “, did he declare.

Caribbean cuisine reflects the Afro-Asian and European melting pot found in most Caribbean countries. Spices, sauces and pastas used for generations produce similar dishes with different names in different territories.

Sweet and Sour Snapper with Chef Balo

Sweet and sour snapper

Self-taught, Chef Balo’s career is as cosmopolitan as his cuisine. He was born in London but spent his formative years in the upper middle class Constant Spring, in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

He moved to the United States as a boy, attending high school in New York City where he also did a year of college.

For the past 20 years, Chef Balo has made his home in South Florida. This is where he made his culinary debut 15 years ago.

Since then, his creations have been savored at parties, weddings and events such as Miami Carnival.

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