Chef Creole North Miami Masters Caribbean Food On The Go

“Boxed” lunch of fried shrimp with tartar sauce on the side. Photo: David I. Muir

The Chef Creole restaurant chain has long been a local favorite for those looking for double the authentic Caribbean cuisine, thanks to their menu filled with Haitian and Bahamian classics. This is the vision of the founder and owner, the famous local chef Wilkinson “Ken” Sejour, born in the Bahamas to Haitian parents. They now have five locations across Miami. Their Chef Creole North Miami location is fully equipped for COVID-19 social distancing protocols with fast and efficient drive-thru and limited outdoor dining options. For my visit, I chose to eat at the tables outside. After considering a few choices, I was informed that the chef had recommendations. So I gave up my search and settled in for the fun of it.

Chef Creole North Miami’s menu has all of the familiar favorites. Think griot (Haitian-style fried pork), oxtails, fried fish, and a variety of flavored wings. I was offered a surf and turf mix that included cooked conch, fried shrimp and oxtails.

The Creole chef’s stewed conch served with rice and beans, extra crispy fried plantains and a fresh salad was a tasty encounter. The conch flesh was quite succulent and tender, unlike the typical spongy texture I find with most conch served locally. Instead, this conch was almost flaky, presented in a creamy sauce of sautéed onions and herbs. The end result is a spicy and salty combination that pairs well with the starchy sides.

Chef Creole North Miami Masters Delicious Caribbean Food Fast
Chef Creole North Miami offers outdoor dining options suitable for COVID-19. Photo: David I. Muir

Their fried shrimp were cooked to golden perfection. Delicately breaded, the shrimp dish offered a balanced range of seasonings that didn’t overwhelm the flavor of the seafood. It was served with fresh vegetables and a side of Haitian-style pikliz (marinated condiment) which was the perfect dressing. Note, however, that the Creole chef’s signature pikliz is extremely spicy. It should only be consumed with a cold drink nearby.

If you’ve never had oxtails, I would definitely recommend starting the trip here. The Creole chef’s oxtails have the flavorful texture of the best beef stew. However, don’t go if you are averse to a high amount of fat in your meal. The extra richness makes these oxtails fabulous, with the most exquisite blend of spices. The beef flavor remains the most important, but the seasoning has its own identity and clearly stands out as the hallmark of the chef’s individuality. Depending on your palate, this dish can be a bit spicy, but it’s still manageable.

In total, the Creole chef gets an A for authenticity for the three dishes I tasted. It’s clear Chef Ken made sure his signature flavor was incorporated into every selection. And although this is a fast, casual dining establishment, the flavor profiles ensure total satisfaction, taking you on a delicious journey across the Caribbean Sea.

Chef Creole North Miami is located at 13105 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami, Florida. Hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Wednesday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday to Saturday.

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