Ciara has the perfect NYE cocktail recipe using rum from her Ten To One brand

Ten To One Rum

As the New Year approaches and people try to figure out how to safely celebrate, a great drink shouldn’t be given up. Attending a crowded party or throwing a rally in the Omicron era isn’t the best idea, but a good cocktail can certainly help you ring in the right direction in 2022. For singer and businesswoman Ciara, she will be celebrating. with a cocktail of his own creation. In 2021, she becomes investor, director and co-owner of the rum brand Ten to one alongside Trinidadian-born founder and CEO Marc Farrell. She has since helped craft a special blend using premium blended rum. The end result is his Hibiscus Coconut Water Air Mail. It’s a different Caribbean version of your traditional rum and champagne cocktail. It’s a bubbly that she’s thrilled people raise to celebrate.

“It’s such a beautiful cocktail,” she says exclusively to ESSENCE. “Imagine someone toasting you with that?” Swapping coconut water syrup for honey and dropping a gorgeous hibiscus flower also enhances the Caribbean elements.

Champagne? Coconut water? High-end white rum? Count us on! Check out the star’s recipe below, and “upgrade” your New Years celebration in a delicious and satisfying way.

The Hibiscus Coconut Water Air Mail by Ciara

1 1/2 oz Ten To One Caribbean White Rum
1/2 oz of coconut water syrup (1 cup of coconut water and 1 cup of sugar) *
3/4 oz lime juice, freshly squeezed
2 oz of sparkling wine or champagne
Topping: Hibiscus in syrup (available at liquor stores and online retailers)

* Prepare the coconut water syrup by bringing the ingredients to a boil and allowing it to cool to room temperature.


Add the hibiscus to the bottom of a flute with a bar spoon
Shake all other ingredients, except sparkling wine, with ice
Garnish with sparkling wine

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