Debthunch Debt Consolidation: Is It A Scam Or Legit?


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Who is DebtHunch? They are not a lender. They appear to be a lead generator selling to companies like Gold West Financial. They mainly sell to debt settlement companies.

You’ve probably received a mail with a personalized debt consolidation analysis offering savings of $ 167 per month at 0% interest rate and promising to save you $ 17,887. They claim that your monthly payment can be reduced from $ 400 to $ 233 per month.

Does it sound a bit good to be true?

And off we go in search of opinions.

Is Debthunch legit or a scam? has awarded Debthunch a 2-star rating (data collected and updated as of October 6, 2021). We hope the information below will help you make an informed decision on whether to do business with Debthunch.

  • Debthunch is not a lender.
  • It appears Debthunch operates a typical bait and switch system – but not for themselves – for their primary buyers. They lure you in by sending you direct mail with a ridiculous 0% interest rate to consolidate your high interest credit card debt.
  • Debthunch isn’t telling you that you need great credit to qualify for a loan with that low interest rate (for which you were supposedly pre-approved).
  • While Sender Debthunch offers incredibly low rates, licensing information on their site reveals that they are only licensed in California with a financial lender license.
  • We’re curious how many consumers who received this offer in the mail actually qualify for 0% interest.
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Debthunch reviews and ratings

Debthunch has an A + rating with the BBB but something is wrong. Debthunch seems to be getting their opinions very early in the process before bad news is passed on to the consumer by the primary buyer. If you read some of the negative reviews on Trustpilot, you will get a different picture.

Debthunch Trustpilot Reviews

Below are some of the very recent bad reviews of Debthunch on Trustpilot:


It is a company that fishes for customers who are drowning in debt. Come to them as a customer With decent credit And unsecured debt But no credit card debt that I’ve been lied to And then ignored. They didn’t even have the decency to say no to me. They just stopped returning my phone calls because I didn’t meet their criteria. This company is a scam and buyers should be warned.

Pamela on Mar 15, 2021

IT’S A TOTAL SCAM! Fraudulent business !! And now add BULLIES to the list as well.

Updated 03/15/2021 18:53

Look man, this is gonna be my last answer, I’m not gonna keep wasting my time. If you’re backed up by all of these grandiose reviews and the things that you claim to have accomplished, why are you concerned about a one-star review of that “lying” person you keep calling me? Like, enough, I already said my opinion is not going to change, I can just see you again in other places too, now get on with your life and keep shining!

SINCE YOU HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO TAKE THE TIME TO TAKE UP LITERALLY ON THIS RESPONSE, NOW I WILL REALLY KEEP IT AS IS, I SAID IN OUR PHONE CALL THAT I WOULD CONSIDER CHANGING THE NOTICE BUT NOT THE RATING THAT FOLLOWS YOU TRY AND WELD ME WITH A $ 100 GIFT CARD TO “COMPENSATE” FOR MY TIME AND TO THINK OF CHANGING THE RATING !! And you know the note is due to the fact that it had been over a month and I had not received a phone call back from Gold West Financial, which is / was a company you work with, until that you contact me due to the review then don & ‘t you dare say it was for not getting phone call within 24 hours, why don`t you try 5 weeks !!! And although you do not deal or directly help people with debt consolidation, it is still a business that you employ and therefore the responsibility lies with you! What you have admitted yourself! And you are quite wrong; DebtHunch DID NOT help me consolidate anything! I was able to get a loan through a whole other business! All you did was be annoying at A *** calling me two days in a row to persuade me and change the rating and the review !! And you are also lying by saying that I agree that you are not a scam company !! I said I wasn’t sure and at this point I didn’t care if it was or not because it left a really bad impression on me! Now leave me alone! Stop berating me just because I refused your fucking 100 dollar gift card to change it! Now eat it! I will not change it !!!! How childish you have to be to do this ?! Incredible.

Timothy D. on December 3, 2020


Based on the flyer I received in the mail, it was not clear that debthunch was not a loan provider; but is a debt settlement company. It was also not clear that I was matched with another business looking for debt. Finally, with a few questions, I was about to figure this out; but I feel like it was the company that was trying to use a loan offer as a means of debt settlement. I didn’t want to ruin my credit… I just wanted a decent loan.

Cheryl on January 28, 2020

I’m just starting my journey. Not sure.

Why do we focus on the negative reviews of Debthunch?

We urge you to do your own research and do your due diligence on any business, especially when it comes to your personal finances. The positive reviews seemed a bit too generic. We do not imply that Debtbunch’s reviews are false. We have no information to suggest this. However, we urge you to pay attention to what consumers are saying in their very detailed complaints and reviews and put them side by side with the positives to gauge the quality of authenticity for yourself.

We wish you good luck and invite you to take a look at Crixeo Best Debt Consolidation Reviews from 2021.

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Debthunch review

Debthunch Review – Advise Caution

Debthunch is representative of what plagues the debt consolidation industry. Direct mail with low rates, sales of leads for loans and bait and change tactics to turn the customer into a debt settlement customer. We strongly recommend that you do your own due diligence on Debthunch’s major buyers before entering into a financial relationship with the company.


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