How Caribbean food empire Golden Krust’s Hawthorne overcame a traumatic experience to launch a beauty brand

Lorna Hawthorne is the founder of a beauty brand that caters to black women. The brand, known as LLHOMD Beauty Care, was created to preserve the legacy of her late husband Lowell Hawthorne and fill gaps in the beauty industry.

The brand honors Lowell in its name, as each letter reflects the initial of a different member of the family: Lowell, Lorna, Haywood, Omar, Monique and Daren, according to the Initiated. In the 1980s, Lowell founded Golden Krust, which became known for revolutionizing Jamaican foods in the United States.

Today, there are more than 100 Golden Krust establishments across the country. Lorna helped her husband turn Golden Krust into a multi-million dollar business, according to Insider.

Then in 2017, tragedy struck the Hawthorne family. Lowell died by suicide, and his family spent a few years mourning his death. Now, the Golden Krust family has entered the beauty industry with a hair and skincare brand.

Lorna has always been a fan of beauty products and when she couldn’t find the type she wanted on the shelves, she made them herself, mostly in her kitchen.

“I love skincare,” she told Insider. “I always pour oils, different scents, and one day I was pouring my oils when I had the idea for a business. We are beautiful on the inside and I wanted to create products that could help people feel beautiful on the outside.

Lorna started the business with the help of her sons, Haywood, Omar and Daren. To launch LLHOMD Beauty Care is to offer black women a wide variety of choices in the beauty industry.

“Black women are underrepresented in many spaces in America, and I think the last two years have changed the perception of consumers, businesses, and societies,” Omar Hawthorne told Insider. “We have a very strong black woman in Miss Lorna with a track record of success, so who better to be a part of spawning this change in what entrepreneurs look like in this country?”

Lorna launched her skincare brand at the height of the pandemic and according to her, the challenges were huge, especially around sourcing the ingredients and products they needed. “The global supply chain crisis certainly added to the timeline, with ingredients taking longer to arrive, so we ended up airlifting some of the products because we were determined to launch it,” Haywood said. Hawthorne.

Michael M. Tomlin