How this single mom creates generational wealth from a family recipe


Debra Sandler is the Founder and CEO of Mavis Foods, a family business she started out of passion. Sandler and his daughter Kiah have created a family heirloom through a family recipe, Bazodee Caribbean Sauces, as reported by Forbes. Sandler said she started the business out of a desire to build generational wealth.

Her business idea arose after she asked her Aunt Mavis to show her how to cook and prepare some of the family sauces. “My role as a single mom is to make sure that I am creating generational wealth,” Sandler told Forbes.

“We don’t always have it in black families,” she said. “I was earning well, but especially as I get older you start to ask yourself, ‘how do I put together this thing that everything I have earned long after I left, my great-great-grandchildren benefit in some path?”

Sandler started his career at Pepsi Co., working in marketing as vice president. After 13 years in the beverage business, she was hired by Johnson and Johnson to start Splenda, which led to a new division within the company to focus on nutrition.

She went from vice president to president of the internal startup, and that’s where her penchant for business models emerged, according to Forbes. After a decade at Johnson and Johnson, Sandler left and ran a North American confectionery company called Mars. She then moved on to her first governance position on the Board of Directors.

“It was always in my plan that I would do this,” she told Forbes. “I am a planner, and slowly but steadily I have built my board practice from my first board job in 2015 until now serving on four corporate boards and one board. private. When you first go to work at the board, everyone tells you it will take time and don’t be discouraged. I got my first seat on the board a little earlier than expected, but it was a good year before my second board, then two years between the second and third boards.

Sandler had gone from running a $ 4 billion company with 10 factories and thousands of people working on board, and she had the capacity. “I needed some of that ability because my mom was old and I needed to spend time with her. But I also still had capacity. And that’s when the idea for Bazodee and Mavis Foods was born, ”she explained.

She said spending more time with her family made her see the desirability of the sauces she had had all her life. Sandler’s aunt, Mavis, had made the sauces and sold them to her neighbors and friends. She will show Sandler how to prepare the sauces later. And as Sandler learned the nuances of the spices used in the recipe, the idea for his business was born, according to Forbes.

Sandler said her business management keeps her abreast of the consumer goods industry. At the same time, she is building a legacy for her daughter in order to carry on the tradition.


Michael M. Tomlin