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Irma Cádiz (New York, NY) grew up eating Dominican and Puerto Rican food and enjoys preparing her mother’s recipes as a tribute to her family’s Caribbean heritage. Raised in a multicultural environment in Rochester, New York, she experimented with a wide range of cuisines but wasn’t always a fan of cooking. Her mother encouraged her to join her in the kitchen, but it wasn’t until Irma had children of her own that she learned to love him.

For the past decade, she has lived in Harlem, New York with her diverse food scene. Irma recently graduated from college and started her own business, where she specializes in Latin-inspired cocktails. Irma is an actress and current member of the Chelsea Repertoire Theatre, where she continues to hone her craft. His signature dish is mofongo con camarones, a popular Caribbean comfort food made with mashed plantains and prawns.

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