Jamie Oliver ‘Employs Cultural Appropriation Specialists’ to Avoid Future Recipe Controversies

The celebrity chef has come under fire for some of his recipes and products in the past

Jamie Oliver has revealed that he employs “teams of cultural appropriation specialists” to verify that his recipes are not culturally insensitive.

The celebrity chef was asked about foreign cuisines and cultural appropriation in an interview with The Sunday Times.

He told the newspaper Culture magazine: “Your immediate reaction is to get defensive and say, ‘For God’s sake, really?’ And then you say, “Well, we don’t mean to offend anybody.”

Oliver also admitted in the interview that his 2012 “Empire Roast Chicken” recipe would not be acceptable today.

In 2014, he came under fire for his take on Jollof rice, a West African dish.

Then in 2018, Oliver was accused of cultural appropriation for his new product “hitting jerk rice”, because the product did not contain many of the ingredients traditionally used in Jamaican jerk marinade.

It prompted Labor MP Dawn Butler to ask if the leader knew ‘what the Jamaican asshole really is?’

Other celebrity chefs have also been accused of cultural appropriation and insensitivity in the past. In 2019, Gordon Ramsay’s pan-Asian restaurant Lucky Cat was criticized for not having enough Asian chefs and “laundering” Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

In 2017, Nigella Lawson was mocked by Italians for her spaghetti carbonara recipe – which contained the very untraditional ingredient of cream.

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