Learn to Cook Caribbean Cuisine with Guinness

Guinness takes our taste buds to the Caribbean with these unique recipes from chef Andre Fowles.

Guinness and First We Feast have come together for a miniseries featuring recipes inspired by Guinness Extra Stout prepared by three-time Chopped Champion Andre Fowles.

In the videos, Chef Fowles, an award-winning Jamaican chef, takes classic Caribbean recipes and gives them a new twist using the strong and bold flavors of Guinness Extra Stout.

Find out below how Chef Fowles creates Jamaica’s most iconic street food, the Jamaican Beef Patty, watch him cook sticky ribs with Guinness BBQ sauce – watch out for Jamaican singer Kranium stopping by for a taste test and conversation – and finally satisfy your sweet tooth with her Caramel Sweet Potato Pudding.

Recipe for Sticky Jerk Ribs with Guinness BBQ Sauce

Chef Fowles begins by mixing garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper, dried thyme, paprika and allspice. He then bastes a rack of pork ribs in a pre-prepared moist mixture before seasoning the meat with his dry mixture. Next, Fowles lays the ribs on a handmade onion rack (on foil) instead of the traditional wire rack. He then washes down a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout to enhance the flavor with its bittersweet notes.

To enhance your palate, Fowles makes a special barbecue sauce made with ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, smoked paprika and a few other seasonings, including jerk seasoning. But the sauce isn’t complete without the most important ingredient of all, more Guinness! After the meat is cooked, Fowles pours the barbecue sauce over the top as it is the Guinness flavor.

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Chef Andre Fowles’ Classic Jamaican Beef Patty Recipe

For Fowles, the Jamaican beef patty was the go-to snack growing up. And although the recipe may seem complicated, it is not. There are only two essential things to know: the filling and the crust.

Starting with the garnish, Fowles toss diced onions into a food processor along with garlic, ginger, fresh thyme, scallions, allspice, paprika, garlic and onion powder for added flavor. Then add a little caramelized sugar to brown. To top it off, he adds ground beef with beef broth and breadcrumbs to fortify the flavor.

Then there is the dough. To make the crust as golden and flaky as possible, you will need ground turmeric, annatto, sugar, salt, baking powder, ice water, an egg and lightly ground beef fat.

Once it’s all done, crack open a Guinness Extra Stout and watch the bold, roasted notes of the beer combine with the succulent flavor of the beef patty for the perfect pairing.

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Caramel Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe

Growing up making this recipe with her grandmother, the top-notch chef honed her craft. Fowles begins by pointing out that the key ingredient in this dish is a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout, to bring out the caramel-beer sweet chocolate notes. Then he begins to mix up his Guinness Caramel Sauce, which includes brown sugar, a stick of butter, molasses, and the eponymous ingredient.

As he lets it cool in the freezer, Fowles moves on to creating the batter, which includes dates, raisins, water, coconut milk and Guinness Extra Stout. The drink is essential because its bold, roasted notes bring out the smooth, harmonious flavor of this sweet potato caramel. The end result is a favorite dessert from your childhood for your viewing pleasure!

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Michael M. Tomlin