London’s ‘best’ Caribbean restaurant where people line up in the street at 11pm

Londoners are discussing where to find the ‘best’ Caribbean restaurant in the capital. While TripAdvisor puts the Turtle Bay chain at the top of the list, many locals believe there are better independent and family-owned businesses in the capital that offer more traditional cuisine.

In the comments to a post on the London subreddit asking for the best Caribbean food in London, there were a number of places suggested where you’re almost guaranteed to get a great meal, but one seemed to stand out. Being able to tell the difference between a good restaurant and a great one is often how popular they are.

People queuing outside and ready to wait for food is always an indication that a place has something worthwhile. Add to the fact that the suggested location is in Brixton, an area of ​​London famous for its connections and Caribbean community and you know you’re onto a winner.

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A Londoner has floated a suggestion that would excite anyone looking for the best Caribbean cuisine. They recommended: “Real flavors in Brixton Hill. There’s always a crowd of people waiting to be served it’s so good. Get the pepper steak with pasta (rice is fine but pasta is 10/10).

True Flavours, located on Acre Lane, has received almost 400 reviews on Google and has a 4.3 star rating. On its website, it says, “True flavors was established in 2011. Years of hard work and dedication from chef and restaurant founder, Junior, and a passionate team of kitchen and hospitality staff allow our exuberant restaurant to offer authentic flavors of Jamaica. In addition, all of our dishes live up to the true name of the flavors as our chefs are passionate about bringing perfection to all our recipes, fresh ingredients and strive to always provide impeccable customer service to all new and returning customers. !

One reviewer said, “I’ve heard about this place for a long time…Especially the Pepper Steak and wasn’t disappointed when I tried it.” This place is officially the king of garden shops in South London… I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu.

Even in the rain, the take-out spot is packed

The shop is open from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., and fans say there’s always a crowd outside. However, this is Reddit, so naturally not everyone agrees, and other people have added their own recommendations. The good thing is that you can also go and try these places. One commentator posted a comprehensive list of Caribbean restaurants from across London: “Jamaican – Smokey Jerky – New Cross (don’t judge it by the setting, it’s a great BBQ)

“Jamaica Patty co – Covent Garden

“Bluejay Cafe – Norwood

“Eat from Eden – Brixton

“Guyanese – Kaieteur Kitchen – Elephant & Castle (get dhal puri roti if they have it)

“Umana Yana – Herne Hill (take all the donuts)

“Trinidadian – Roti Shop in Stoke is a good cry (queues are a good sign when it comes to food)

“Guadeloupean – Bokit’la – Oval (they actually cook the food fresh so it’s worth the wait).”

Where do you think Londoners can find the best Caribbean cuisine? Let us know.

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Michael M. Tomlin