Lucki Delite and her delicious Caribbean cuisine

Jeba, why Lucki Delite? “Lucki, because I think it’s cute and Delite as a tribute to Cuisine Caraibe Delite, the restaurant that was here before me.”

A Torontonian, Jeba studied at Concordia. She then decides to stay in the city, finding the local atmosphere more relaxed. Plus, as she says, “My parents, family, and friends love coming to visit me.” After tasting his food, we are sure that they also come here to enjoy his cuisine.

Caribbean cuisine from Lucki delite

If you’re a fan of Caribbean-inspired food, Lucki Delite will become one of your favorite stops in town. We put it on our list of good Caribbean restaurants in Montreal. If you like calm, calming people, you’ll be sure to connect with Chef Jeba Bowers Murphy. Besides being genuinely friendly, Jeba cooks with the kind of delicacy that makes this a cozy little place. Having parents – she Dominican, he Jamaican – who are both very good cooks, genetics served the chef well. Lucki Delite is also on our list of black-owned restaurants in Montreal.

Lucki Delite’s menu is half a page long, but once you’ve tried it all, your taste buds, mind and stomach will keep you coming back. So much so that their handful of sandwiches made our list of the best sandwiches in Montreal. With five sandwiches, four sides and a few drinks, the offering is simple and delicious, and the decor is just right. There is no stress at Lucki Delite. Jeba is the only one on board, so while service can be a little slow at times, no one seems to mind.

For example, the two sandwiches “Jerk Chicken” and “Jerk Squash” served in homemade coconut buns were scrupulously devoured, and the small mango salad was really tasty. You may want to do the same as us on your next visit.

Lucki Delite seats about 20 people and on sunny days there is a rustic picnic table in front of the restaurant.

When your taste buds have convinced you to come back, Jeba will be there to welcome you with her charming smile and her delicious and irresistible dishes.

Oh, we almost forgot, the prices of the dishes range from $3.50 to $13. Inflation? Recession? Not at Lucki Delite. We thanked Jeba for you.

Photography by Elena Samuel

Last update: July 01, 2022

Michael M. Tomlin