Manjay Caribbean restaurant opens in Wynwood, Florida


The Manjay Caribbean restaurant in The Citadel dining room is expanding.

Manjay Restaurant

Manjay is on the move and his incredible Caribbean cuisine is catching on.

The Caribbean spot, which opened in 2019 at The Citadel food court in Miami’s Little River neighborhood, is branching out with a new food truck – and soon a new brick-and-mortar restaurant in Wynwood.

“One thing we try to do is put passion and integrity into what we do,” says owner Christian Dominique, who was born and raised in Haiti and raised in a hospitality industry family there. -low.

“Manjay is truly a combination of our general love for modern cuisine and the authentic Caribbean flavors that we grew up eating. Nothing compared to the flavors of the house.

Manjay Food Truck Mockup.jpg
A rendering of the Manjay food truck you’ll see in town from this month.

Dominique and his wife Sabrina will test some of these flavors on new items for sale at the food truck with the idea of ​​possibly adding them to the restaurant menu. Manjay’s new menu will be different from what’s on offer at The Citadel, but customer favorites – jerk chicken bites, mofongo, conch fritters plus Manjay pikliz, and honey mustard remoulade – will remain on The Citadel’s menu for the moment.

The new restaurant is located on Fifth Avenue in Miami and will have a 980 square foot indoor dining area as well as wraparound outdoor seating serving lunch and dinner. It is expected to open in spring 2021.

But you don’t have to wait to try the food. Food truck Manjay hits the road this month – you can follow its pop-up locations on social media – and also plans to help José Andres’ World Central Kitchen feed 350 women and children at Lotus House women’s shelter. throughout the month of February.

“Nothing compared to the flavors of the house,” explains owner Christian Dominique, who operates Manjay with his wife Sabrina.


Address: 2618 NW Fifth Ave., Miami

Opening: Spring 2021

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