Mona’s Roti: opening of an authentic Caribbean restaurant in Calgary

Mona’s Roti, an authentic Caribbean restaurant specializing in artisan roasts, is about to open a new restaurant in Calgary.

Caribbean cuisine is very popular in Ontario, as is this restaurant. There are currently two outposts in the Toronto area, with more coming soon, including one in Calgary.

We’re not sure exactly where or when this exciting Calgary location will open, but we do know it’s “coming soon.” Dished has contacted Mona’s and we will keep you posted on any updates.

For now, we’ll be waiting as patiently as possible to try the expertly homemade roti, stuffed with the delicious flavors of Cocoyea Village in Trinidad and Tobago, where it all started in 1983.

Dishes here, all made with halal meat, include roti wraps, rice dishes, meat combos with sides, and larger feasts designed for larger groups.

Roti is a round flatbread, similar to a tortilla or naan, but with multiple layers that are perfectly flavored and cooked to be stuffed with curried meats and vegetables.

At Mona’s Roti, diners have a choice of dahlpuri or paratha roti, which differ in texture, crumbliness, and size.

Whether you get a roti wrap or a rice meal, it will come with delicious curry potatoes. Chicken curry, goat curry, jerk chicken (a Toronto favourite), and a medley of vegetables are ways to enhance whatever dish you choose.

You can also purchase any of these main courses, and a few extras like Pumpkin Spinach, Oxtail Stew, Duck Curry, or Coleslaw, as pay-per-ounce side options.

We don’t know when or where, but we’ll let you know when any announcements are made about this place we can’t wait to have here at YYC.

Mona’s Roast


Michael M. Tomlin