New Caribbean vegan restaurant and community center just opened in Brooklyn

A new vegan Caribbean cafe, Aunts and Uncles, recently opened in Brooklyn, NY. Created by husband and wife team Michael and Nicole Nicholas, known to many as Uncle Mike and Aunt Nic, Aunts and Uncles is a hybrid café-bar-retail space that aims to celebrate Caribbean culture with books , art, music, clothing, merch and vegan food. The couple’s goal with this space was to extend to the community the feeling of warmth, love and welcome that reigns in their own home, where friends, family and colleagues are often welcomed for big dinners. and vacation.

Healthy vegan food

Located in the Flatbush neighborhood known as Little Caribbean, Aunts and Uncles has an all-vegan menu, as Michael and Nicole are vegans and they knew this was the healthiest option for their neighborhood. Dishes include the Lobster Roll (hearts of palm, vegan mayonnaise, fresh dill, on a pretzel bun); Wildflower salad (roasted purple cauliflower, wild rice, sautéed greens); E Classic Breakfast Sandwich (Beyond Meat sausage, JUST Egg, smoked gouda, on English muffin); and Mac and Cheese (made with almond and coconut milk and cauliflower, topped with white truffle oil).

“The community, the neighborhood of Mike and Nicole for more than a decade, is inspired to have a space of gathering and relaxation which gives free rein to its creativity and which is also in their neighborhood, ”Aunts and Uncles posted on their Facebook page. “The goal of Aunts and Uncles is to harness and incubate an atmosphere where creatives and visionaries and the neighborhood family can interact in a truly hospitable atmosphere that also offers clean, plant-based vegan meals. The concept is the family that listens and supports; the lifestyle is organized, creative and visionary excellence that has a Caribbean heritage.

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