Old Jamaica Brings Back a Ginger Beer Recipe Full of Sugar

Soft drink brand Old Jamaica is bringing back its original Old Jamaica ginger beer recipe after it was discontinued in 2018.

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Original, which contains 15g of sugar per 100ml, made a permanent comeback this month following consumer demand.

Terri Cooper, Senior Commercial Director at Old Jamaica, said: “2022 is a year of celebrations as families and friends come together to mark many occasions, from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to Glastonbury and the World Cup. . We wanted to mark it by reuniting our loyal fans with our super popular original recipe for sugar-packed ginger beer.

“As temperatures soar and people enjoy more outdoor dining, picnics in the park, or just a refreshing treat, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Original, made with authentic Jamaican ginger root to deliver its unparalleled taste, is the perfect drink. While we know this level of sugar isn’t for everyone, we wanted to give our fans a choice and offer something for everyone to enjoy.

The Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Original recipe is available in the following sizes – 24 x 330ml cans (RRP 88p per can, referencing the 1988 recipe), 6 x 330ml cans (RRP £4.50), 12 x 500ml ( RRP £1.20), 8x2l (RRP £2.50).

NAM implications:
  • Responding to consumer needs comes first…
  • …as soon as possible.
  • i.e. let the consumer decide…

Michael M. Tomlin