Sarah Kirnon’s Oakland Afro-Caribbean Food Pop-Up Holders House Is Coming to an End

Fans of mightily good Afro-Caribbean food collectively held their breath when news broke in March 2022 that Miss Ollie’s in Oakland was closing. Fortunately, in a short time, owner and operator Sarah Kirnon moved to Forage cooking for a resident pop-up, Holders’ house. Now even his tenure at 478 25th Street at Telegraph Avenue is coming to an end, with the last day of service scheduled for October 7. A September 26 article on Holders House instagram announced the conclusion. Watch the account’s Instagram for times when you can head to jerk pork or fried chicken in the past week.

Before leaving, Kirnon sells 50 jars of pepper sauce on a first-come, first-served basis. And that may not be the end of Kirnon’s run on the bay — if anything seems reliable, it’s that Kirnon will be incorporating his food and his passion into a new project soon enough. She says in the Instagram post that she will be hosting pop-ups in the Bay Area in the coming weeks and in 2020 Kirnon told fans she wanted to transition to a platform for black food creators , or something beyond the traditional restaurant model. Table hopper notes that Kirnon may be looking for new locations.

The San Francisco donut entrepreneur is heading to TV

Bay Area donut maker Vandor Hill of Whack Donuts updated fans on instagram he was selected to compete on The greatest bakerhosted by former Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair winner and finalist Alice Fevronia and Sophie Faldo. The grand prize is $10,000 and a feature film in Bake from scratch magazine.

This could be why your Starbucks has run out of electrical outlets

A ICT Tac by former Bay Area Starbucks employee Lizette Roman-Johnston has gone viral over the chain’s lack of electrical outlets. SFGATE reports Roman-Johnston said a Starbucks employee in Oakland’s Lakeshore neighborhood told him that the outlet coverage was meant to keep homeless people out of the store. Starbucks spokesman Sam Jefferies denied the charge on behalf of the company.

Sacramento Chief Returns From Survival-Based TV Show

Kevin O’Connor, former head of Saison and Coi, has just returned from a stint in the BC woods while filming the Majordomo Media TV show Chief versus savage. The Sacramento bee reports that the chef grew up in El Dorado County and cut his teeth in Sacramento kitchens. Its premiere episode in Labor Through the Wild Streams on Hulu starting October 3.

Pass by this Inner Sunset Korean bodega for kitchenware and other goods

Queens, the one-stop shop for Korean sodas and snacks, apparently cleans up in the fall and sells heaps of odds and ends. The stores instagram post advertises wire grates, coffee grinders, griddles, etc. The sale takes place on October 3 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., or as soon as everything sells out.

478 25th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Michael M. Tomlin