SVG’s curry breadfruit recipe popular at Cook the Commonwealth project

Have you ever tried Curry Breadfruit? A recipe for this dish from St. Vincent and the Grenadines that was submitted to the Cook the Commonwealth project has been rated with a bronze dipper for being among the most viewed Cook the Commonwealth recipes in the Americas region.

The result was shared by Birmingham Public Health on its social media pages.

As Birmingham hosted the 2022 Commonwealth Games this summer, recipes have been submitted for the Cook the Commonwealth project as part of the celebration of member nations’ culture.

Over 750 recipes were captured from 72 Commonwealth countries and uploaded to Whisk, an online recipe platform and app alongside a campaign encouraging people to cook.

A small friendly competition was placed with a Cook the Commonwealth competition for the gold, silver or bronze ladle.

According to a description on Whisk, the recipe for breadfruit curry was submitted to Cook the Commonwealth by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines tourism agency.

An app user who tried the recipe and left a comment said: “I had never cooked with breadfruit before and had trouble getting a fresh one. I used a box of sliced ​​breadfruit that I bought online. The curry was easy to make and the breadfruit was no different from the potato. To do again. The recipe worked well. »

You can check out the curry breadfruit recipe that was submitted for the Cook the Commonwealth project here.

Michael M. Tomlin