The Best Scungilli Salad Recipe

Scungilli salad, made with fresh lemon juice, celery, red onion, garlic, and parsley, is a simple yet delicious Italian dish that’s super easy to make. If you like seafood, don’t hesitate to try this one.

What is Scungilli?

“Scungilli” from the Italian word “conchiglia”, is basically a sea conch or whelk. The scungilli sold in the United States are generally wild-caught channeled whelks or button whelks that are harvested from the coastal waters of the northeast Atlantic Ocean, including New England and Long Island. But it’s hard to find fresh ones.

This oceanic sea snail with a large spiral shell is popular in southern Italian and Italian-American cuisine. But conch is also popular in places like the UK and the Caribbean.

Scungilli is wonderful and used in this salad recipe with a lemon and olive oil dressing and tossed into other Italian seafood salads, but it also tastes delicious sautéed in Italian-style sauces. red like marinara or a spicy “Fra Diavolo”, served over pasta.

it is high in protein, low in fat and low in carbohydrates. It is also a good source of vitamins like vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin E, and minerals like potassium and iron.

About the recipe: scungilli salad

Scungilli salad is a traditional dish typically served in homes in southern Italy and the United States of America for the seafood-centric Christmas meal known as the “Feast of the Seven Fishes” (Festa Dei Sette Pesci).

But fresh and lemony, with fresh ingredients like celery, red onion, green olives, parsley and olive oil, Scungilli Salad is also a perfect seafood treat to enjoy during the warmer months. of summer. And seafood lovers who don’t give it a chance are missing out on something delicious.

The problem with scungilli is that it’s hard to find fresh. But fortunately today you will most likely find this cooked, sliced ​​and ready-to-use edible mollusc in the box in well-stocked fish markets, Italian markets or international grocery stores. And that’s what we’re going to use for this recipe.

We have included links below where you can buy it online.

Scungilli Salad

What does Scungilli taste like?

Scungilli has a texture similar to perfectly cooked calamari. And if you like shellfish, you’ll probably like scungilli too. It is tender and firm, with a delicate sweet, slightly brackish and sweet flavor. There is no fishy taste, so no need to worry about that.

Easy scungilli salad recipe

The Shopping List: The Ingredients You’ll Need to Make a Scungilli Salad

Scungilli (cyear): Pre-cooked and sliced, canned scungilli are quite delicious and make cooking a breeze. It’s usually found in the same section as canned seafood like clams in 6-ounce or 29-ounce cans. A 29 oz can make about 4-6 servings of this salad.

Some grocery stores, well-stocked fish and Italian or international markets offer it. Find it in the same section as other canned seafood like clams.

To save time shopping, here are the places where you can order scungilli online:

Celery: I prefer to use the leafy stalks closer to the center of the celery head.
The leaves add a touch of freshness, and the stems are ‌more delicate. Use 1 large or 3 small leafy inner stems.

Red onion: The sweet, tangy flavor of red onion goes well with other ingredients. About ¼ of a small red onion is all you will need.

Green olives: Opt for a green olive with a saline finish. The Sicilian-style green olives work wonderfully, but I also often use the manzanilla-style olives stuffed with chili.

Capers: Capers, add a delicious salty bite to this salad.

Parsley: With a grassy flavor and a delicious complement to seafood of all kinds, this salad calls for only fresh ingredients.

Lemons: Fresh lemon juice forms the base of the dressing for this salad. Have more on hand in case your lemons aren’t so juicy. 2-3 usually does the trick.

Extra virgin olive oil: Use the best quality possible.

Garlic: Garlic is wonderful with fresh lemon and parsley in this dish. Accompany with 2 finely chopped cloves to start. You can always add more if you wish.

Powdered red peppers: Adds a touch of heat, but you can skip it if you don’t like spicy stuff.

Pepper + Salt

How to make the best scungilli Spoonful of Scungilli Saladsalad

1 Preparation: Rinse all your vegetables (celery + onion + parsley).

2 Rinse and drain: Drain all the liquid from the canned scungilli using a colander or colander. Then rinse with cold water. Drain again and set aside.

3 slices: For this salad, I prefer to thinly slice my celery and onion. This makes the bite more delicate. If your olives are large, cut them in half.

4 Mix the ingredients together: Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl, mix, then taste for seasoning. I usually add a touch more lemon or salt. Keep refrigerated for up to 1 hour or overnight.

5 Serve: Serve alone or on a light bed of greens. The peppery bite of arugula goes great, but mixed greens work well too.

Scungilli Salad

How long does Scungilli salad last?

It’s best to enjoy your scungilli salad within 3 days for optimal freshness.
We love it so much that, honestly, leftovers never last long enough to keep in the fridge.

Scungilli Salad

Scungilli Salad Tips

Do it in advance: You can make this salad a day ahead, which can marinate it in lemon juice. Store it in the fridge until ready to serve.

Add zest: For more lemon flavor, use the zest of a lemon and add it to the salad.

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Scungilli salad ready to serve

The Best Scungilli Salad Recipe

This fresh, lemony salad is traditionally served for the Italian Christmas Eve ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’ celebration, but it also makes a lovely summer salad. Serve with antipasto, baked clams and a glass of pinot grigio for the perfect light dinner. (Low Carb, High Protein, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free)

Course Aperitif, Salad

Kitchen Italian, Mediterranean


  • 1 to 29 ounces box Scungilli, rinsed and drained
  • 3 inner celery stalks, sliced ​​with leaves (or use 2 large)
  • 1/4 Chopped off red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 Costs chopped parsley
  • 1/3 Chopped off green olives
  • 2-3 lemons, juice
  • 1-2 cloves minced garlic
  • 2 soup capers
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 TBS extra virgin olive oil


  • Add all salad ingredients (except olive oil) to a medium mixing bowl and toss to combine.

  • Add the olive oil, then mix again until combined.

  • Taste and add more lemon juice, salt or pepper if needed.

  • Serve and enjoy!

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