The rapper and Human Meme Viper will perform at a Caribbean restaurant in Arlington

The Houston rapper Viper will be performing this Saturday, June 11 at a Caribbean restaurant in Arlington called One Love Lounge, and no one really seems to know just yet. It’s kind of an intentional surprise that he didn’t seem to mention on any of his social media. But we found a link for tickets on Eventbrite.

Viper released the self-produced satirical album You be cowards, don’t even smoke crack in 2008, which became a meme five years later, especially for its cover art. In 2013, Vicethe music platform Noisy published an article titled “Meet Viper, the Genius Rapper Behind ‘You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack.'”

Since then, the rapper has amassed thousands of fans who nearly buy everything he posts on his Bandcamp. Viper maintains a do-it-yourself approach in his music, videos, and album art, which almost always features a self-portrait in which he sits above an eye-catching clip art of flames, houses, cars, or anything. whatever seems to be going through his head. at the time of exit.

Even though music technology has advanced to the point that someone can record an entire album from an iPhone in a jail cell without too many sonic issues, Viper is known for its deliberately raw, unfiltered sound layered over its deep voice and self-produced rhythms. The hip-hop artist told Complex magazine that by 2014 he had released over 333 albums and counting. In 2022, he released both Skin loss and You’ll be cowards, don’t even smoke crack II.

His show in Arlington is for ages 18 and older and purchasing a ticket, which costs $29, includes a signed CD, according to the show’s flyer. The flyer also says the show is a June 19 celebration and includes images of two snakes and two models in bikinis who don’t appear to be black.

But you can be sure to watch Viper perform a set that includes some of her new songs like “I Sell the World’s #1 Crack” and “I’m Gonna Kill the Pussy N***** That Killed 2pac.”

Michael M. Tomlin