The TikTok burnt orange recipe for Covid is making a comeback, but does it work?

As we head into 2022 in hopes of a better, healthier year, the viral TikTok burnt orange recipe for Covid has made a comeback.

In 2020, one user went viral after revealing a recipe that was supposed to find your smell and taste.

TikTok – Creativity Walking Trailer



TikTok – Creativity Walking Trailer





What is the recipe for burnt orange for the Covid?

The original TikTok video was shared by architecture student Kemar Gary Lalor in December 2020, earning it thousands of views and likes.

Kemar claimed the burnt orange helped his mother regain her smell and taste after contracting Covid last year.

In the clip, the TikTok user shows how to prepare the recipe of cooking an entire orange over an open flame, peeling it before mashing it and mixing it with two teaspoons of brown sugar.

You can see the step by step recipe below.

How did people react to the recipe?

After the video went viral, many people tried the recipe.

There have been mixed reactions as some said the strong orange scent helped them rekindle their sense of taste or smell, while others were skeptical as it did not help them.

One Instagram user said she got to taste a spoonful of mustard after eating the orange but admitted “it could very well be a coincidence”.

“I just ordered oranges from Amazon Fresh. I need this Jamaican remedy with burnt orange to work,” another person tweeted after stumbling across the clip.

Recently another user tried the recipe and said it didn’t work for them, writing: “I just tried TikTok Burnt Orange and Brown Sugar to get [your] taste back after Covid and it didn’t work.

So it works ?

There is no scientific evidence to confirm the recipe works, according to many reports.

Pamela Dalton, researcher at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, noted that people may have already regained their smell and taste without realizing it.

“People often don’t know how much smell they’ve lost, so if they’re doing something really intense, like burning an orange peel, that will make you feel amazing, you might have already had an ability. , but you basically shocked your system to feel something strong, ”she explained.

Dalton added that the remedy’s success may be explained by a placebo effect.

“This is certainly true when it comes to smells,” she continued. “I can tell you that the room smells of bananas and there might not be a banana smell in the air, but you will look for it and you might remember the smell of banana. a banana and think you smell it. There is a huge factor of suggestibility.

Oranges, Pedro Vergara on Unsplash

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