This Caribbean cuisine-themed monthly subscription box is perfect for someone on your list

We chose the name Callaloo because it is a Trinbago dish par excellence. The various ingredients have their own unique flavors but blend together so wonderfully to create a delicious dish. This is the essence of our culture and what we aim to achieve with Callaloo Box. In each box, customers can expect to discover seasonings, spices, marinades, condiments, pepper sauces and snacks that you will find in any kitchen in Trinidad and Tobago, delivered to their doorstep. door. We also have an online store where items can be purchased individually.

What makes Trinidadian cuisine unique?

Trinidad’s cuisine is a melting pot of our decorated history that encompasses African, Indian, British, French, Native American, Chinese and Spanish influences. Everyone’s heritage lives on today in all facets of our culture, at the center of which is our food. For example, roti (pronounced row-tee), one of our most popular dishes, has its roots in our East Indian heritage. It consists mainly of curried potatoes, channa (chickpeas) and meat wrapped in dhalpourie (similar to a tortilla).

Another popular dish, pastelle, is a cornmeal roll stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs and flavored with raisins, olives and capers wrapped and steamed in foil. banana tree. A staple at Christmas, it is influenced by our Spanish origins. The popular Trinbago Callaloo dish consists of dasheen leaves in a mixture including coconut milk, okra, spices, fresh seasonings and chili. Crab is also commonly added. Callaloo has its roots in our African history.

This spice was definitely what the food subscription box world was missing! Do you plan to eventually include ingredients from all over the diaspora?

We are starting our planning for 2018 soon and are exploring the idea of ​​creating a few monthly themed boxes with items from other Caribbean islands. The diversity and uniqueness of the islands’ food has its roots in their equally rich and colorful history. There are also so many similarities. Callaloo Box is committed to integrating our collective Caribbean culture to the general public.

Michael M. Tomlin

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