Tried Birkenhead’s new Caribbean Spice Flavaz restaurant and had more than I expected – Jada Jones

With Raggas and Angie not delivering to Wirral, I had found myself dreaming of curried oxtail and goat cheese during the lockdown.

While festivals and fried plantains aren’t particularly difficult to make at home, some nights it’s much easier to just order.

I was delighted to hear that Jamaican “Spice Flavaz” restaurant had opened in Birkenhead and knew I had to try it.

After hearing good things, I decided to browse the menu, which is available on Just Eat, although phone orders are welcome. My address is just outside the delivery area, so I chose to pick up.

After realizing it was too late in the day to get oxtail (the popular dish is often the first to sell), I ordered a goat curry main course.

The main courses all cost £ 10 and come with two options, the first is a choice of fries, mac and cheese, plain rice or peas and rice.

Although the mac and cheese is a classic, I opted for peas and rice (in this case red beans were used).

The second option is a choice of coleslaw, potato salad, steamed veg, or fresh veg – we chose fresh veg and were surprised to find that it was actually a salad. support.

Have you ever tried Caribbean cuisine? Let us know in the comments.

To accompany the main course, I ordered a serving of festivals (each £ 1.50 serving includes two of the fried dumplings) and plantain (£ 1.20).

I asked if there were any patties available and was told if I didn’t mind picking up 30 minutes later I could have a fresh beef patty (£ 2).

I browsed through the different drink options and decided to try the Spice Flavaz ‘special punch’ (£ 3) which I was told was pineapple.

Picking up food was quick and easy, the friendly service reminded me of other Caribbean restaurants. The food was still hot when I brought it home and enthusiastically returned it.

The curry goat cheese added spice to the plate

The curried goat cheese was spicier than I expected, packing a bit more heat than I had had at Raggas or Angie’s Jamaican – it perfectly complimented the sweetness of the plantain and the scorching festival.

The galette was larger than I expected and clearly home made. Inside was well seasoned ground beef.

It’s more of a size to share but definitely worth a try, with jerk chicken, veg and lamb options I’ll keep an eye out for other flavors.

I was surprised by the “special punch” unlike the brightly colored fruit punches I had before this one was a muted yellow color with a strong vanilla flavor. If you are a milkshake fan this will be right down your street.

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For people living on the Wirral who are looking for a different kind of take out or just lacking Caribbean food this is definitely a place to try, keep in mind that curry packs a spicy punch.

If you’re not a fan of spicy dishes, fried chicken and stewed chicken are usually milder options.

Birkenhead Restaurant offers friendly service and you can tell it is family run from the moment you walk in.

I know I will be back. Order on the JustEat app or by calling 07990 284554.

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