Trini de Flava split pea dhal original recipe with spinach and okra

“Trinidad is known for its special dhal dishes. With massive Indian influence on the island, they’ve created some of the best vegetarian curries, and you get just that here. We added mango chutney, spinach and okra to give that extra flavor! say Craig and Shaun McAnuff of Original Flava.

“It’s best to soak the peas for a few hours or overnight to fluff them up a bit, but not necessary if you don’t have time.”

Trini dhal of split peas with spinach and okra

350 g dried split peas 1.7 l water 1 medium onion, very finely chopped 1 Scotch Bonnet pepper, seeded and very finely chopped 2 tbsp ground turmeric 1 tbsp ground cumin 1 tbsp chilli ground (allspice) 1 tbsp mango chutney, plus extra for serving A handful of spinach 3 tbsp vegetable oil 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbsp cumin seeds 2 leafy berries8 okra, sliced ​​lengthwiseSalt and freshly ground black pepper

1. First, wash and drain the split peas two or three times, until the water runs clear. Add them to a large saucepan with the water and bring to a boil. Now season with the onion, scotch bonnet, turmeric, ground cumin, chilli, mango chutney and salt and black pepper to taste. Simmer for 40 minutes until the peas are tender.

2. Use a hand blender to mix until pasty but not completely smooth. Add a little more salt and black pepper to taste, stir in the spinach to wilt, remove from the heat and let sit – the liquid will soak into the peas, thickening them. Add a little more hot water if you need to loosen it.

3. In a skillet, heat the oil and add the garlic, cumin seeds and bay leaves. Fry for three to four minutes until sizzling and fragrant, being careful not to burn them, then dip them in the curry.

4. In the same pan, brown the okra slices and serve with the curry, with rice and patties. Serve the extra mango chutney and hot pepper sauce on the side.

Natural Flava: Quick And Easy Plant-Based Caribbean Recipes by Craig and Shaun McAnuff is published by Bloomsbury, priced at £22. Photography by Matt Russel. Available now.

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