UK-based travel blogger Heather Cowper loves Caribbean food

UK-based travel blogger Heather Cowper enjoys Caribbean cuisine while visiting St. Kitts and Nevis (PC – Heather Cowper’s Facebook account)

Heather Cowper – Award-winning travel blogger from Bristol, UK, while visiting St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean region, was seen enjoying her stay at Montpelier Plantation and Beach, a boutique hideaway in Nevis. She keeps all her followers engaged through her Facebook account by constantly sharing photos from her visit to the twin island nation.

Heather Cowper came to St. Kitts and Nevis on Tuesday November 1, 2022 and has been sharing her experience ever since. She runs a blog which is extremely popular and read by travel enthusiasts around the world.

During her first day in St. Kitts, she used a rental car to drive around the island and see some of the scenery, which included a visit to Italian creations on the way to the airport where she was staying. sat in the shade with a glass of moringa juice. , healthy hummus wrap and coconut cookie. She also stopped at Black Rocks to see the lava flows from the now dormant Mount Liamuiga.

The travel blogger then had lunch in the Bay of Dieppe, where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, then stopped in Basseterre on the way back for a stroll around Independence Square with shady trees, fountains and old wooden houses.

On day two, Heather traveled to Cockleshell Beach in St. Kitts, where she enjoyed the view from Timothy Hill Lookout and Chamberlain’s Balcony with Nevis in the distance.

She spent most of the day on Cockleshell Beach eating coconut shrimp and conch chowder.

“The atmosphere is quite lively at this end of the beach, but if you walk to the other end it was quite deserted with a few beach bars open, so take your pick on what vibe you want” , Heather said.

She traveled to Nevis and visited the Montpellier Plantation and Beach.

The travel blogger was delighted with her visit here and said: ‘If you love good food this has to be a destination of choice on Nevis whether you are staying at the boutique hotel or just visiting for lunch or evening tapas at Indigo Restaurant by the pool, dine on the 3-course menu at Restaurant 750 or book the 7-course tasting menu for a party at Moulin Privé in the former sugar factory.”

Michael M. Tomlin