Vegan Caribbean Restaurant Wins Come Dine With Me: The Professionals Award

Come Dine With Me: The Professionals sees a twist on the classic elements of the Channel 4 show come dine with me.

Instead of individuals entering to win the coveted £1,000 cash prize, restaurants are now entering teams of two to complete the challenge.

This episode aired on Tuesday June 28 and focused on Bristol, with three local venues taking part in the foodie challenge.

Mother and daughter duo Jeanette and Jaida of Fi Real, a Caribbean vegan restaurant in the Old Market, delivered servings of flavor to the unsuspected surprise of their competition. We all know you can find some of the best vegan restaurants in Bristol, but the competition wasn’t quite ready to admit it.

The two rival restaurants were Bamabalan, a Mediterranean restaurant in central Bristol, and Dalia Cocina, a Mexican restaurant in Keynsham.

During the pre-meal interview, both teams expressed doubts about the Fi Real menu, with some declaring their distaste for tofu and one chef joking about “sneaking in steak”.

However, they soon swallowed their words.

A spicy lentil soup delighted both teams with the abundance of flavors. Members of both teams praised the taste, saying it was the best starter of the week.

Next, a signature main course of spicy jerk fried tofu turned some into tofu fans. Opponent Kirsty of Dalia Cocina said, “I absolutely loved it and it was far from the texture I thought it was going to be.”

A sweet and light banana cake served with vegan cream followed, a memorable way to end a hearty and tasty meal.

An energetic dance and chanting brought everyone to their feet before the final scores revealed that Fi Real had indeed won with 34 out of a possible 40 points.

“Very proud. We had a dream and we stuck to it. We won come dine with me in Bristol! said Mother Jeanette.

Michael M. Tomlin