Vogue Williams shares her delicious mocktail recipe and you MUST try it

By Brian Cummins

Cocktails are something we all have to admit are astronomically enjoyable. It’s summer and we just can’t forget all the delicious and refreshing flavors! But remember, you don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy a cocktail.

Whether you’re just not in the mood to drink or crave a nice sweet sip while relaxing on a summer day, we know you’ll love this recipe.

Radio DJ and podcaster Vogue Williams, along with her husband and ‘CleanCo’ founder Spencer Matthews, hosted a livestream on CleanCo’s Instagram page over the weekend to share their delicious drink recipe while celebrating the Spencer’s birthday in Ibiza.

The couple describe the drink as a “Clean Cocktail” or a “NoJito.” They continue “So you can wake up feeling fresh, alive and full of spirit.” A delicious cocktail with the taste of zesty and refreshing Mojito without the hangover? I’m in!

Spencer Matthews, 34, founded CleanCo in 2018, a brand that sells award-winning non-alcoholic spirits such as gin, rum, tequila and vodka. All drinks are sugar-free, vegan and less caloric, how can you say no? In this recipe, the pair uses CleanCo’s Caribbean Spiced Rum.

Here are their instructions for making a drink:


Once added, mash all the ingredients in the glass to blend the flavors

  • Add fresh lemon juice (optional).

  • Pour free Caribbean Spiced Rum from CleanCo to your personal taste.

  • Add the ice cubes.

  • Top up with sparkling water.

  • Mix together.

  • Extra mint leaf on top for garnish. (optional).

And that’s all! If you want to watch the live video, you can watch below.

Enjoy your NoJito!

Michael M. Tomlin