Where to find stellar Caribbean food in Portland

Portland is home to great restaurants of all stripes, but classic Caribbean cuisines are vastly under-represented in the local restaurant market. Of course, Portland has several restaurants representing Mexico, the countries of Central America, and much of South America, but the cuisines of the islands scattered across the Caribbean Sea are limited to a handful of eateries and food carts. food in the greater Portland area.

However, that has started to change in recent years, especially when it comes to Cuban cuisine: the Palomar cocktail bar, rooftop restaurant Havana Cafe, and vegan cafe Miami Nice have joined long-standing Cuban venues like Pambiche. and Puerto Rican pop-ups like Aybendito have added more Puerto Rican options beyond places like Restaurant Boriken in southwest Portland. The handful of hidden gems found in Portland and on the Greater Portland Metro offer excellent interpretations of Jamaican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban cuisines: from sizzling and hot empanadas to full platters of pork, fish, beef or beef. jerk chicken, these are the Caribbean restaurants every Portlander should know. For more options throughout Central and South America, be sure to check out the largest menu of Latin American cuisine. Note that the points on this cartographic guide are not classified; rather, they are geographically organized.

A number of Portland restaurants have taken over catering service. The level of service offered is indicated on each point on the map. However, this should not be considered an approval for on-site meals, as there are still safety concerns: for up-to-date information on coronavirus cases in your area, please visit the Oregon Health Authority COVID Update Page. Studies indicate that there is a lower risk of exposure outdoors, but the level of risk associated with patio dining depends on whether restaurants adhere to strict social distancing and other safety guidelines.

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To note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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